Amy wong x Algae

Toronto-based oil painter Amy Wing-Hann Wong collaborated with Algae in the making of our Mermaid Bra Limited Edition Tee:

"My design is a riff on the ideals of divine beauty, the seashell bras of pop culture, and those bikini bod      t-shirts. 
I want my clothes to empower the wearer – make them feel fabulous.  I would like for this t-shirt to be unisex and to fit the wearer loosely. 
My work as an artist often involves the attempt to transcend a cliché – I take a flat or a bad idea and reinscribe it with personal meaning.  My paintings often explore the notion of costume as a means for self-definition, for asserting one’s identity.  Oil painting is really no more than dressing up a canvas.  And conversely, dressing oneself is a form of self-expression. 
Identity is a construction so why not be your own mythology!"