East Coast Road Trip

With the goal of meeting up with fellow Miamians, Basside, the TM sisters, and Casey Zap (host of Tide Up in Miami), in NYC at Baby's all right we formulated a plan to import a fully tropical vibe with Haitian Ra ra band and all while turning it into a surf trip.  We loaded up a couple versatile mid length single fins, wet suits, and stocked up on 35mm film. 


We picked up photographer and slider,  Aaron Beasely in St Augustine.  The first few days were dominated by daiquiris and kitschy tourist stops (i.e. sharks jaws, vintage postcards, pirate booty, coconut heads, gator skulls and other taxidermy oddities, and all matter of tacky ephemera that somehow has still not moved off the shelves). 

Tybee Island, GA

Wilmington, NC

Asbury Park, New Jersey- Scored some very fun waves in this American ghost town. Definitely see where Bruce Springsteen got his vibe from. Also definitely realized we needed to wear gloves in 40 degree water. 

Brooklyn (watch my sides Im dangerous)

Basside at Babys All Right

Rockaway.  St Patty's day surf. Gloves this time.

Meatpacking (homeward bound)

Magic Beach Hotel St Augustine