Giles Neale  x  Algae

Multi-talented artist and surfer Giles Neale collaborated with Algae in the making of our Limited Edition Giles x Algae Tee, featuring his iconic 89 Dog-- self-described as an expression of his creative mind and physical movement, and inspired by the playfulness of a "more freestyle generation" : 

"Surfing is a huge part of my life; I’ve really gotten into surfboard shaping. It’s a very serious endeavor, but I think I’m opening that up by making these playful drawings of surfboards.
I am 89 Dog, and 89 Dog surfs.
The 89 Dog on the front; I think it’s one of my best 89 Dogs ever, one of the strongest compositions. It kind of stands on its own. It’s sort of more of a modern drawing you’d see from modern times--a little Cubic.
It was an extension of my body. It’s surfed out. It changes a lot--it’s like a wave.
No matter who you are, hopefully you enjoy and take advantage of our main resource, in terms of the majority of what we have here in Miami--water."