Milagros  x  Algae

Leaving a hand-daubed trail from the swampy environs of New Orleans to the subtropical inlets of Miami, the muralists/ installation duo known as Milagros (individually known as Felici Asteinza and Joey Fillastre) make intuitive site-specific work that energizes spaces with color and intricate patterns. Using architecture as a counterpoint, they visually obliterate the seams of a space while simultaneously highlighting its unique attributes.  

Their latest site-specific installation is hand-painted on our flexible cotton twill pullover and jogger pant. Splashed with signature Milagros black-and-white optical dazzle, this limited edition set lets you go head-to-toe in a full-on B&W playsuit—or mix in pattern play, piece by piece. The vibrating allover prints are perfect for staying alert in the jungle or staying not-so-camouflaged in the city.

Watch the process from conception to completion as a time-lapse shot by Brian Deutzman, whose dizzying tropical reverberations capture the one-of-a-kind Milagros patterned jumpsuit seen worn by Miami’s own Otto Von Schirach.