Algae x Gabe Alcala Limited Edition Sweatshirt


Algae x Gabe Alcala Limited Edition Sweatshirt


A collaboration with Miami artist Gabe Alcala. Alcala is an illustrator and musician known for his twisted and cheeky tropical-noir vignette drawings, and as 1/3 of the Miami freak-rock ensemble Jacuzzi Boys.

We're excited to drop a very limited run of plush organic fleece sweatshirts with an eye-popping embroidered patch medallion designed by Alcala himself.

Nearly 150 yards of embroidery thread went into the sewing of each patch, and only 22 sweatshirts were made for this exclusive micro run. 

Thats all - once they're gone, they're gone, like so many brain cells...


Unisex. Made in Miami. Organic Cotton Fleece.

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